Will we have a consultation?

I like to spend 5-10 minutes on the phone, briefly discussing what motivated you to seek therapy now, any history of therapy and scheduling preferences. I think within those minutes we can begin to recognize if we’re a good fit. Our first session will be an hour, during which we’ll talk in greater detail about your history and current life situation and goals for therapy. After the first session, we’ll meet for 45 minutes a week.

Do you ever offer a reduced fee?

​I maintain a portion of my practice for those who require a reduced rate. I'm happy to discuss your situation on the phone or during our first meeting.

Do you hold phone sessions?

Ideally we’ll always meet in person. However, I understand the complexity of life, work, family and travel. Once we’ve developed a rapport, I’m happy to have phone or video sessions on occasion or regularly if it’s the solution to maintaining consistent therapy.